From Netherlands to the Philippines a Friendship that’s Never L.O.S.T.

For the first time I joined the climb with the LOST Team I am a complete stranger to some of the Team Members except to those members that whom I worked with Trend Micro. I can get along with others and on this climb we have a foreign guest named Cees Veersteg (Cees pronounced as Case) and I don’t know if my humors will be as good as to the ears of the locals but I find a way to pull it out. The first climb that we had together we scaled Mt. Pico de Loro.

Along the way, I find a way to get to know him since I don’t know how to conduct an interview so I  asked him a lot about the gummy bears like stuff he bought from Netherlands, he call it drops see picture below. It looks yummy at first but you wouldn’t like the taste, it taste like a rubber or tire tube (the interior of a tire) and its salty with foreign taste.

Locals didn’t bother to eat those while I keep on eating it one at a time until it is gone. One time I said, when you go back here in the Philippines bring some again so he did I think it was last year 2010 when he celebrated his birthday with his son and we climb Mt. Maculot in Batangas.

We were sober and all, I don’t think what I am saying to him matters all I can say is that it was way nosebleed because his English is not that easy you have to analyze it first or keep asking questions before you can get what he is saying unlike Americans but I managed to have a great impact on it and the funny thing is that he called me Manny Pacquiao haha.

After all I do look like him but not with the body, resemblance maybe. We pose like boxers each time were in front of a camera and the funny thing his son like to pose with me too, haha.

This year, he really never forget me and he brought me a pack of drops and he said made sure that it will be given to me haha. Too bad I wasn’t able to join his 2nd birthday climb here in the Philippines. Argh, I miss the fun and climbing again.

If you are reading this Cees, thank you very much for the drops and not to mentioned the friendship we had. I guess action speaks louder than words if we are having small talks but I am so blessed to have friends like you, your Son Colin, Beth, Dingdong, A, Oklong, Jason, Mah Men and the rest of LOST Mountaineers. Happy Holidays Everyone! Boom!

More pictures that never L.O.S.T. on the slideshow below:

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~ by Kalongkong Hiker on 12/12/2011.

10 Responses to “From Netherlands to the Philippines a Friendship that’s Never L.O.S.T.”

  1. piolo, manny na manny pa ang hok-bu ah. hehehe samahan mo kame ulit dito sa january.sure na mag pico na ako

  2. Hey Paolomer, great blog. I hope to see you again when i’m there in Philipinnes

  3. naks!! nkasingit pa ko sa pic!!!!! wag nyo akong kakalimutan! malayo man kapatid pa rin sa lakaran! 🙂

    • Hoho naman no. Dapat lang na kasama ka sakin ka lang kaya ngpapicture ng araw na un dahil last day mo sa Trend ahaha. Ingat kapatid sa lakaran. Hope to see you and climb with you again. LOST Forever!

  4. gusto ko matikman yung foodie

  5. […] From Netherlands To The Philippines A Friendship That Never LOST! ( […]

  6. Reblogged this on Kalongkong Hiker and commented:

    It’s been years and the friendship still never L.O.S.T.

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