A Special Birthday Greeting To My Brah Maichee! <3

Video Title: Ang Buklod Tao at Barangay Banaba – Birthday Special

Thank you message from my brahder Michael Vincent Dela Cruz Mercado aka Maichee:

Thank you to all who took time to greet on my birthday! As thank you, let me share to you a video greeting from Buklod Tao and Barangay Banaba, and a special appearance of Micaela Papa (who I’m pretty sure nakikita ko sa CMC before). They’re under so much stress lately due to extreme weather events but they still took time to send me a message. Thank you Ate Ria! – Mikel

For those who don’t know, my sibling documented and created a thesis film entitled “Ang Buklod Tao at Barangay Banaba” as a requirement to graduate in UP College of Mass Communication where he stayed 9 years of unbroken residency and schooling in UP Diliman. Nice! 🙂 I think I wanna cry haha. Congratulations boy/gurl we’re proud of you!

It’s all because of his hard work, love and passion to help others that it greatly impact the heart’s of Barangay Banaba community and they are truly thankful on what he’s done (or she’s) ahaha. Kudos bro! I know helping others runs in our veins, keep it up and I support you! Labyah! Happy 25th Birthday! We’re not getting any younger ah. Kalongkong Rocks!

Resources: http://iskwiki.upd.edu.ph/index.php/Ang_Buklod_Tao_at_ang_Barangay_Banaba

~ by Kalongkong Hiker on 08/15/2012.

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