CSS Basketball Season 5: Game Recap Opening Day (Wk1)

CSS Basketball Season 5

Last Tuesday, July 3, 2012 at 11:02pm

Circulo Verde

“T.M.M.S. escaped DirectPass with Justin’s end-game heroics; Longevity and Smart Surfing on a shocker; Rookies flew on the Opening Day!” Trend Micro Mobile Security (T.M.M.S.) escaped with Justin’s end-game heroics, “Hi Angelicar Peralta!” He finished  with 11 points (including one triple) and 4 shy rebounds, enough to lift the green shirt on a come-from-behind win against the Milky Whites. I swear if I can go back to my childhood days, I will eat a lot of Star Margarine and drink a lot of Growee. TMMS vs. DirectPass looked like a Senior vs. Midget game.

I can’t help but smile whenever I remember the “Yokozuna brothers” of T.M.M.S. dismantling the helpless frontliners of DirectPass. It was like a Volkswagen crashing into a 4×4 Wheeler Truck! Do you see the difference? It was a “David and Goliath‘s Fight” but this time Goliath took advantage of his size and did not wait for David to throw the stone – he just jump straight to David and wrestled him!I still remember a play where Mark “Half-Man, Half-Bulldozer” Beloy (16 points, 10 rebounds and 1 steal) was being double-teamed by the look-alikes, Ronan “Evan-like” Tonilon (17 points, 3 rebounds and 1 steal) and Evan “Ronan-like” Salvatierra (Scoreless with 1 rebound and 1 steal), Beloy still looked bigger than the two of them combined! It was like a statement game for him, “Marami pa kayong kakaining bigas… para magka-ABS!” It was also a revelation day for Justin “Hi I’m Justin and you’re…?” (like the Close-Up Commercial) Delos Santos.

Inspired game by the rookie as he made an excellent play of inbounding the ball, 16 seconds remaining on the game clock and then a backdoor-cut-layup on a three-point play to seal the deal. I bet an “Angel” guided you that day! J Meanwhile, Carlo “Patay ang butiki” Gomez shot a foul throw hitting only the top backboard of the hoop. “Awkward…” It was a moment where everyone was silent for a second and then Walla!!!… All hell break loose!!!… Laughing!!! For me, Sir Carlo did that on purpose to send a message to T.M.M.S., “We will crunch you next time as I crunch this ball!!! BANGGG!!” Jerameel “Hari ng Sablay sa Freethrow” Bautista scored only 17 points with 6 rebounds, 2 assists and 1 steal and Grei “The Big Ticket” Bona only had 4 points and 3 rebounds. The “Tan-Tan Boys”, Roberto Tan and Adrian Tan finished with 11 points combined. Score was 52 – 48 in favor of T.M.M.S.

One the second installment, Longevity upset the top seeded Trend Micro Mobile Backup and Restore. The shot selection of the ballers in blue spelled the difference. It was like they’re digging their own grave with a missed three-point shot one after another. Paolo “Pacman… Pacquiao!!!” Mercado (20 points, 5 rebounds and 1 assist) had his moment when he walked gingerly to the defensive side of the court with a frustrated and disgusted look – I guess that face tells us the story of the game.
Longevity, on the other hand, was so cool and was soooo RED! I bet if a bull saw them, none of them will be alive by now! Jan “Like-a-Boss” Leonida (8 points, 3 rebounds and 1 steal) took us to school when he made couple of three-point shots and then “Yosi Break” during time-outs.
Wow, soooo cool!!! (That’s how you enjoy life! Hell yeah!!!) KR “Boy Tangkad” Nario (4 points and 4 rebounds) looked taller on his jersey. I swear, if you ask KR to raise his hands, his vertical reach looked like Miko Legaspi and Robin Palay’s height combined! “Ahuh!!” I was like… “Dafaq! That’s why he was picked first by Mikoloko… No wonder!” For the blue shirts, Bennett “The Director and Sponsor” Reyes (Scoreless with 5 rebounds) and Glenn “The Big Difference” Esquejo (7 points and 4 rebounds) will have to wait for two more grueling weeks absorbing the trash talks, after Tech-U of course, to avenged their lost while Miko (18 points, 2 rebounds, 2 assist and 4 steals) just had his 8-straight W’s going back to last season.

He is still undefeated from his rookie days up to date – his sophomore season (parang Mayweather lang!) Vitto “Ang Tunay Mahina” Padre and Nicolo “The Slasher” De Jesus only registered 17 points, 4 rebounds and 1 steal combined while Aldrin “Meralco Boy” Liwanag alone had 10 points and 4 rebounds in a high-percentage shooting performace. Score was 60 – 47 in favor of Longevity.

3rd serving was a close fight too! But the yellow shirts managed their lead on the last 4 minutes of the game. Ian “The Walking Dead” Nava (6 points and 5 rebounds, with extra smile on the bench), who by the way just changed his Profile Status from being “Single” to “In a Relationship” (Ang layo ng segway ko! Haha!) played a very inspired game.

He was like showing-off to someone even though he cannot walk straight. “Sino nga ulet kasama mo loverboy?“ Monroe “No Drama today – Just Do It” Paulino (8 points, 2 rebounds and 1 steal) played a snatcher’s game, “Run for your life! Run, Run, Runaway baby!!!” (Was he still singing while playing?! Wooow…) Ralph “Pang Gulat” Golilat (24 points and 4 rebounds) shocked everyone with his intensity and hard work.

I would give him a perfect 10 if he had not missed 5-6 consecutive three-point markers. Meanwhile, Guardian’s TJ “The Foul Magnet” Tabaniag (Scoreless with 2 rebounds) managed to stay away from foul trouble.(FLASHBACK: If you still recall, he’s the ever famous guy last season who recorded 5 fouls on a single quarter. That’s right folks! It’s not even a quarter, It was less than a quarter! He treated Fouls like Points…) “Eh ikaw nemen koya, sondut ka ng sondut nun hende ka na lang dumipinsa bah!!” Francis “Pasabit, pasabit, Ayan na!” Racosas (19 points and 4 rebounds) and Ericson “Sipag lang at mahabang bangs ang puhunan” Fajardo (9 points, 7 rebounds and 1 steal) had an awesome game but the turnovers killed the Men in Black.

I remember Ryan “Ang Nagbabalik” Alberto (member of the Birthday Squad – RED!) was screaming on the mic, “Subjective! Subjective!” every time Eric was on the foul line. Is basketball part of your PDP man?! “Oucchh!!!” Stephen “Bouncing Baby Boy” Fernandez (2 points 3 rebounds and 2 assist, with a magnificent commentator’s voice) “Ayos sa english accent boy!!!” had a costly error when he rebounded the ball and passed it to no one, less than a minute remaining… “Yun lang!“ Roie “Mr. Hussle“ Exconde added 4 points and 5 rebounds while Kris “3-point Master” Jocson fired 1 triple (3 points) and 1 rebound on his name. Score was 55 – 50 in favor of Smart Surfing.

Meanwhile, the Opening Ceremony was a blast! Monroe “No Drama” Paulino opened the day by a short speech followed by TJ “Mr. President” Tabaniag’s LONGGGGG “OATH OF SPORTSMANSHIP!” It was weird, I tell you… “It ate like 10 to 15 minutes of our time. Demmet!!!” Then the awarding of Best Muse with Miko “Ang Malanding Host” Legaspi and TJ “Ikaw na naman?!” Tabaniag.A repeat performance from Maricel Navarro and a very awkward “Q&A Portion” for Janna Lugtu. [Time Warp] Miko asked Janna, “Kung isa kang Sport… Pano?” (The hell!! How will you answer that?!) Good thing Janna was on a good mood, you’ll never know, Miko might be a chop-chop victim that day.

“Miko, did you see how Janna looked at you?” J Best Muse registered a whooping 1200+ Online Votes in just 24 hours. Could you imagine? Michelle “Girls with braces are HOT!” Ramos was the winner and was escorted by Trend Micro M.B.R. (Sky Blue) as the winner of Best in Uniform. Shoutout to MJ Leosala and Merck Osena for the pictures! “You guys ROCK!… and let’s go home!!!” – JerameelB

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