CSS Basketball Season 5 Preview – Power Rankings and Predictions

 After three months of preparation and endless meeting, Sports Committee launches its 5th season of the most awaited basketball tournament in Trend Micro… “The CSS Basketball League”. Six teams will be vying for the coveted championship and bragging rights to be named the 5th Champion Team in CSS Basketball League.

A lot of changes happened this year as half of the ballers went out of Consumer Support. New Bloods came in as the drafting day went berserk like playing the teenage game Pokemon, “I don’t know you but I CHOOSE YOU!!!”

A rumor of possible Rookie-MVP is circulating on the 4 corners of the floor. Two-time MVP and Champion Ramon “Caloy” Ocampo will not join this year’s tournament as he gave way to other players and created a more balanced lineup. We just wish you play this season Mon, how about next year?

One of the great improvements this season is we finally merge Work to Non-work. We decided to use the bundled programs as the team names – advertising the bundled programs as we support the program for AIM. Shout out to all the managers who supported us all the way with this initiative. We have “Trend Micro DirectPass”, “Trend Micro Mobile Backup and Restore”, “Trend Micro Mobile Security”, “Trend Micro SafeSync”, “Trend Micro Battery Longevity” and “Trend Micro Online Guardian”. We’re also able to secure Circulo Verde as the venue for our exciting and much awaited basketball tournament. As we promise a bigger and better league this season, let’s take a quick peek of the teams and predict the possible rankings. Brace yourself… “Trash Talk = ON!!!”


Trend Micro Mobile Backup and Restore (RANK 1)

Bannered by Vitto “Ang Tunay na Mahina” Padre and Nicolo “The Slasher” De Jesus, do we need to say more? An explosive backcourt combination for the team in blue. With the addition of Dexter “Furious” Lopez (a.k.a. James Harden) and Paolo “Pacman… Pacquiao!!!” Mercado, are we seeing a high scoring game for the blue squad? The team is also supported by our awesome managers – Glenn “The Big Difference” Esquejo, Willand “The Tower” Osabel and Bennett “The Director” Reyes. This team is dangerous on fast break and one of the noticeable factors is… Dam*! This team has great range! Raining 3’s in the house?!?

  In addition to this prolific team are Mark “Let’s Go Home!” Leosala, Clerence “Nice Ass” Dimapilis and the first timers – Julius Pajarito, Trisstan Pedroso and Maverick Mallari, who will have their moniker in a few playing days.

  The only thing lacking is a defensive player who can match-up well with the 6-footers of the other teams like Christian “The Walking Dead” Nava (because of his injury) and Mark “Half Man Half Bulldozer” Beloy.

  Will this team live up to high expectations? Or will their “OKC-like” jersey jinx their way to the championship? How about the ball distribution – will that be a problem? And lastly, is this the year of BIG 3 (Glenn-Willand-Bennett)? Let us find out!

Trend Micro Mobile Security – T.M.M.S. (Rank 2)

“Height is might in basketball.” We’re predicting Rank 1 or 2 for T.M.M.S., depending on how you see the game. If we consider the shooting range of Team Mobile Backup & Restore – they have the advantage. On the other hand, if we consider the inside presence of T.M.M.S., we will see an early graduation for the team in blue (M.B.R.). – “Please do not forget to bring your Toga with you.”

Mark “Only Beloy Touches My Skin” Beloy, one of the undeniable twin towers of this league, will front this team. Averaging a double-double performance last season in points and rebounds, who can stop him? This behemoth will muscle his way around to fish for 3-point plays and ‘no-blood, no-foul’ like plays. He will be supported by Adrian “Mr. Heartthrob” Tan and will dictate the tempo for the team. Justin “Hi Angelicar Peralta!” Delos Santos will try to convince Angel with his awesome moves and slashing ability while Johnson “Johnson yata yan… tumatagaaaaaal!” Ronquillo will have his first ever appearance on the big stage.

Adding to this overloaded and overweight team are the flyweight Fyle “Downtown Bomber” Sildo, Joshua “Fun Run Boy” Tadena, Andrew “Pogi Number 2” Dinglasan, Allan “Kung Fu Panda” Pauco and few unknown rookies… Kenny Lee, Roberto Tan and Aldrin “Steady ka lang dyan parekoy” Reynosa.

With the known strength of the team – will they have enough gas until the finals? (and a possible dream finale with Team Blue?) Or will the size affect the team’s execution? Also, can Fyle “Downtown Bomber” Sildo shoot the lights out every game to open the middle? Let us see how everything goes for this team!

Trend Micro DirectPass (Rank 3)


Also known as the body-bumping team and is very popular for their choking heroics in the finals. “Uuhh, wooow… whatta shame!” J With most of the players from the old Arsenals lineup gone, Jerameel “JheBron” Bautista and Gerald “The Big Ticket” Bona will continue their losing ways, humbly speaking. They will defend their 2nd-place finish (pun intended) for the 3rd consecutive time. “GRANDSLAM!!! BODY-SLAM!!!” But ‘JheBron’ might get his first ever championship because the Miami Heat won this year’s NBA finals and LeBron James choked no more! Ahem!!

  With the addition of the rookie sensations to complete the a.l.a. Miami Heat adventure – Ronan “Evan Salvatierra-like” Tonilon and Evan “Ronan Tonilon-like” Salvatierra – the look-alikes, will face the hardest facts to swallow about the team’s history and will try to salvage their dreams to become the first ever dynamic-duo rookies to win a CSS Basketball Championship (I bet Miko and Francis will argue on that! – Mr. Rookie of the Year’ and ‘Mr. Mythical 5!’ ) Jonathan “Rock of Ages” Capulong will regain his Starting-5 post as he mans the baseline in a depleted lineup.

They also have Danbar “Right Timing” Punsal, Carlo “The Man in the Middle” Gomez, Ebenizer “SuperPadua Returns” Padua, Jimson “Tabaching-ching-ching” Esquivel and the team’s surprise package – Kristian Averia and Norbert Benavidez. Surprise!!!

Will this be their 3rd straight finals appearance? Will the new found rookie sensations live up to the expectation? Will the awkward-looking body-bump continue? Let’s watch them as they unfold their story anew!

Trend Micro Online Guardian (Rank 4)

Time to shine for the top rookies last year – Francis “Ra Ra” Racosas and Erikson “Small Bigman” Fajardo as the sophomore-duo from last year’s “Finals Teams” join force to bring home the crown. The boys in black, a.k.a The Guardians, will capitalize in the 2 and 3 positions. They have a deep rotation on the wing in the presence of Timothy “Macho Gwapito” Tabaniag and Roie “Ex ni Conde” Exconde. Interestingly, they field-in a rookie from the draft to complete their Strong-5 to push their campaign this season. He is Arnold “Fear of the Unknown” Estacio. I’m not sure if someone from the team scouted this guy already but all we can say is… “You guys are cheaters!!! LOL!!”

These good-looking men (Which most of them are single and ready to mingle – Shoutout to all the muses! At patay kayo sa mg gf’s nyo!) will get support from the players last season. Familiarity of one’s basketball skills — that’s how they attacked the drafting this season. They tapped the services of Van “Baby Shaq” Razon, Roy “Chillax” Marasigan, Stephen “Quality Minutes” Fernandez and Princely “The Rapper” Usbal. Mark Garcia was their last pick but not to take away anything from this guy, he might be the spark plug these boys are waiting for. On the other hand, Andrew “The Newest Hunk” Valle was on their roster but not sure if he’ll be able to play every week. Hope he will.

Will the familiarity of talents work in their favor? Can Francis “Ra Ra” Racosas (2nd leading scorer of Baskills last year) and Erikson “Small Bigman” Fajardo (2nd leading scorer of TMBball last year also) step up and dominate the highly-favored teams? Let us see if they can be this year’s giant killers.

Trend Micro Battery Longevity (Rank 5)

“B.F.F.” or what gay men define as “Best-Friends-For-Life”, an Arsenal Team in the making, Michael “The Dancing Loverboy” Legaspi chose to draft his close friends more than anyone else. Bound by his vision in life, “I want to play with my love ones especially Lewis Lizano cheering for me!” Inspired by Baskills 1st place finish last year, the team in Valentine Red will try to finish the season in a heart-warming passion.

This team has the 2nd biggest line-up with K.R. “Boy Tangkad” Nario protecting the shaded lane. Adding to the team’s size are Ryan “The Versatile” Alberto, Jan “Ako Budoy” Leonida (Gerald Anderson look-alike) and Aldrin “Long Hair No More” Liwanag.

In addition, they also get the services of Robin “Slow Mo” Palay and five super surprise rookies – Francis Tanchuan, Bryan Soler, Jeffrey Molino, Edward Grijaldo and Moses Davalsantos. (Ayaw mo ng rookies Miko?)

Will this team get enough scoring power to overcome the top seeded teams? Will they play a low-scoring game every week? Can Michael “The Dancing Loverboy” Legaspi shoulder most of scoring load (a typical ‘points’

guard like Allen Iverson)? Let see how the team gel in the following weeks.

Trend Micro Smart Surfing (Rank 6)

They’re in the bottom rank because of the injuries. The supposedly go-to-guy Christian “Do-it-all Guy” Nava, who topped the statistical chart last year together with his cousin Caloy Ocampo, injured both his feet. A rare case of basketball casualty, the team in Golden Yellow is playing with their back against the wall.

The team desperately needed reinforcement and so Monroe “No Drama” Paulino saved the day. Another shifter on the team is Jose “Mahal na Conde” Conde which makes an awesome backcourt “offensive” combination with Monroe. Valor “The Defensive Minister” Calour, one of the mainstay of this team, will provide toughness on defense.

Adding to their shiny color are Kris “3-point Master” Jocson, Jon “Bigman Stopper” Guevarra, Ralph “Pang Gulat” Golilat and Ericson “The Cool Guy” Villaluna. This will also be the year for Jamie “Badminton Guru” Cardinez, Juan Paolo Enriquez and Francis Aaron Fernandez.

Will this team prove they have the heart of a champion despite the setback? Can Christian “The Walking Dead” Nava recover in time? Will the shifters Monroe and JP provide spark on the team? Let’s see what determination can do this team.

That is all for now… As we step closer and closer in the Opening Day (this Saturday – June 30th), we would like to remind you that… Let us all give our best performances in every game. Let’s make LOVE not WAR and more importantly HAVE FUN!

This article is meant to entice, tempt, attract and invite all our fans from Consumer Department to come out and watch all our players’ gun for this year’s CSS Basketball Season 5. –JerameelB


WHEN: June 30, 2012 (this Saturday) | 11:30 AM – 5:00 PM

WHERE: Circulo Verde Basketball Court (Near Eastwood)

GAME SCHEDULE:    Game 1: ____________ vs. ____________

                                   Game 2: ____________ vs. ____________

                                   Game 3: ____________ vs. ____________


*First 2 Teams to complete their lineup gets the first game. 3rd to 6th teams will have draw lots for 2nd and 3rd games respectively. 

~ by Kalongkong Hiker on 06/28/2012.

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