What to wear when running for Beginners

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On my previous blog I’ve shared the benefits of running on a hill and a friend requested tips on what to wear and what to bring during races or when running and I’ve been thinking this could be great topic. When I am writing this I am only thinking about beginners that don’t have any idea what is the proper running outfit and what to bring during fun run but expert runners are welcome to add up and share their experiences. I still remember whenever I run before I use to wear white cotton t-shirts because it is  comfortable and cool. For the footwear any rubber shoes will do and sometimes I ran just wearing pair of slippers. Why I said that I am just wearing slippers it’s because back in our province aside from the national highway the safest place to run is in rice fields. Here in Manila it is different you have to wear the most comfortable running gear if you want to enjoy the run. Proper clothing will also necessary when hiking, climbing or joining trail run especially to first time mountaineers.


Muddy Gray by World Balance

Let me start from foot wear first to head gear as I believe in choosing the right type of running clothes can make the difference between a fun enjoyable run and a miserable run. If you are planning to start running the First thing you need to consider is the first pair of running shoes and choose the socks that shape like the foot and that feet will. There is a lot of riding when you run and selecting a well-designed, comfortable pair of shoes will prevent injury and make running more enjoyable. I myself bought a pair of World Balance shoes because it made in the Philippines and there is nothing wrong in patronizing our own products. So far it didn’t fail me, I always get the best results when running.

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Second thing you need to consider is the clothing based on weather, since Philippines is a tropical country so it is always warm if not it is raining, though I didn’t experienced heavy rains while running. For top, mostly we choose a cotton because it is very comfortable and soaks up the sweat but when you are running it also retains all the moisture and becomes heavy and wet. Cotton t-shirts also have uneven stitching that can cause roughness and even bleeding in extreme cases. Instead of cotton, choose running clothes that are made to wick sweat away from the skin to the outer surface so that it will easily evaporate.

Unilab Race Kit

I recommend using Dri fit shirts check out Nike Store or Adidas stores in a mall if you are looking for a cheaper one you can find individuals selling this type of merchandise in race events. You can also find one at UP Diliman Campus’ jogging lane somewhere or at QC Circle at the entrance of the park that ranges from Php 100 and up. Running clothes made from tech fabric can be more expensive than cotton, but it is well worth it to have a comfortable and dry run. Dri fit shirts are also ideal for hiking, mountain climbing as compared to cottons.

IE8 Run Race Pack

By the way, race organizers nowadays is giving race kits if not most of them that includes singlet it is usually made of dri fit  fabric whether short sleeve or t-shirt. For Women they can run in a jogging bra aside from the singlet.  I got my first dri fit shirt when I join IE8 Run organized by Microsoft Philippines. Okay, that’s for the top now we talk about the bottom and the ideal is short usually made of nylon or a technical fiber that stays dry. Some runners I see they wear tights or cycling shorts.

Optional running gears

Third thing you need to invest is for the head and this is optional but sometimes recommend these are headbands, sun visors, cap or hats to protect you from sun. Oh you can also put sun block on also but it may be sticky at the end of the race and wanting to take a shower immediately. Another optional running gear are gloves and jacket this will protect you from other elements. If you can afford to purchase Heart rate monitor that would be better for you to check on your cardio, organizers set up booth for this. Others had a pedometer to monitor their running distance and speed.

Zorro had a complete running gear than I am

Fourth item is your music gadget to avoid boredom and keeps you going. Listening to music while running will keep you going, going, going and going this can even changes your mode. Dance music works for me I tend to dance while running as well let’s grove to the beat yeah. I am using 1st Gen iPod Touch, ear phones and mobile arm band. You can either use your mobile phone or any music player.


In summary you need:

• Sneakers
• Socks
• Jogging bra ( for women)
• Shirt (Preferably Dri Fit)
• Shorts, pants or tights
• Tights (optional)
• Hat
• Jacket
• gloves
• Heart rate monitor


What to bring during the race day? To answer this, just bring yourself.

This  tip is intended for runners that don’t have a car haha. It’s pretty obvious that you can bring what you want because you are secured that you can leave your things inside your car. When you are going to fun runs avoid bringing many things or else it would be a mess. In every race event, there is a designated booth for bags or baggage counter. Most race bibs they included a baggage claim number. These baggage counters are good but I don’t have a good feeling about it. Your things might get lost or it will be stolen. Whenever I go to a race what I bring is a mobile phone in case of emergency or to meet your friends on the event, enough money put it somewhere, and extra shirt. I don’t usually bring one during my previous runs I just let my sweat gone dry.  It’s because I am using a dri fit fabric and that’s the good thing about it. As much as possible I just bring myself during races so that I don’t have to fall in line to deposit my bag and to get it again so it is ideal to have a many pockets that have a zipper on it. I also bring a small bottle for water in case there is not enough water station. BitWater bottle is ideal those who afford to buy shoulder belts with water bottle is good one. At the end of the race, they are giving out finishers kit in a form of a bag so you can put your things in it. That’s it for me, if you want to add more of your experience please leave a comment below and I will update it for you. I hope this has been informative to you and have a great day! See you in your running outfit!


~ by Kalongkong Hiker on 03/22/2011.

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  2. wow. salamat sa tips. nice. sana yung dryfit na shirt may pang large persons. wakokokokok

  3. Actually Khanto meron 3XL na size ang singlet. Sure na sure ako meron American size na drifit me kamahalan nga lang pero hanap ka sa Quiapo me makikita kang size mo. Bili ka na at takbo na tayo

  4. A well written post. I’m always looking for information like this.

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